Performance: live / video / photography
I am a performer at heart. I love the connection with the audience, feeling the pull and return, the energy of the people watching you. 
It all started because I am not so good with words.... I was never good at speaking up and saying what was on my mind. 
In my teenage years I discovered that on a stage, through music, I could say anything out loud and people would listen. I felt comfortable on stage, and that was strange for someone as shy as I was. 
I started playing with other languages: movement, video interaction, sound, languages that went beyond words, toying with the limits of what is universal. 
I am currently reflecting on the boundaries of the spoken language, working on performance for photography and video, manipulation and drawing. Lately I have encountered a metamorphic quality of drawing applied to performance work, with the development of my illustration practice in a transdisciplanary environment.
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